the magic of the powerup widget

The PowerUp Widget is not a mini content management system. It's much simpler than that. Contemporary Content Management Systems are very complex and have tedious learning curves typically necessitating special training and set-up. Later, an expert usually needs to be available to make changes to the site. That expert is ironically an expensive webmaster.

The power up widget is a tool created by Fischer Software that makes any site updateable.

  • The PowerUp Widget replaces an expensive webmaster with a simple and inexpensive control panel that is easy to use.
  • Allows a non-technical person to update text, images or other content wherever or whenever needed.
  • Allows you to update your site frequently, improving your Google ranking.
  • The PowerUp Widget is much simpler than the typical Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market today.

The PowerUp Widget will work with:

  • Standard HTML based site
  • Sites based on PHP or Ruby on Rails
  • Sites currently in a content management system: yes!